vengeance-sound.Essential FX Bundle 2 になりました2014/12/05

Autofilter (Filter, EQ, Volume, Panning multi-modulation tool)
DeEsser (remove hiss and "shhh" noises from recordings)
Fuzzbox (use it wherever Distortion is not enough...)
MB Stereo (Multiband Stereo widening tool)
MB Transient Designer (a highclass transient and sustain shaper)
Noise Gate (Chop up Drumloops or remove noisefloor etc from recordings)
Pitch Shifter (granular based pitch shifter with feedback)
Smear Shifter (FFT based multiband pitch shifter & chorus fx)
Spectral-Q (discover the power of our FFT equalizer. Infinite steepness and modulations!)
Talkbox (make your synths and drums talk)
Trancegate (yes, our famous Trancegate FX from Phalanx!)
Waveshaper (the craziest distortion effects)
Timefreeze (our highlight: slow down every audio and freeze it in time!)
Vinylizer (give your digital recordings the vintage vinyl touch)
V-Verb (completely new developed, great sounding native reverb!)